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Selected Publications

Ambit ~ 'Lonely As Yachtsmen'

Tender ~ 'With Amaryllis and the Green-Eyed Girl'; 'Painting My Breasts'; 'The City of Bones'; 'Blood-Heaven'

Magma ~ '"Garden, with pthisis"'

Envoi ~ 'Harry at the Lake'; 'Where Are the Fields?'

Poem ~ 'Ithaka My Ferry'; 'Factory'; 'Education'; 'Swifts'; 'The Silver Boat'; 'White Hills'

Cake / Best British Poetry 2013 ~ 'The Paris Poems'

Cake / Best British Poetry 2015 ~ 'The Leopard-God'

Oxford Poetry ~ 'Friend'

Lung Jazz: Young British Poets for Oxfam ~ 'The Raspberry-Eater'

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